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Italian Micro Mosaic Vintage Lute Brooch Vintageonline


Micro Mosaic Italian Vintage Musical Instrument Brooch

$50.00 AUD

Early 18th century Italy was the birthplace of micro-mosaics including The Vatican Mosaic Studio opened in 1727 which it is believed was the place where micro mosaic was first created.  It has been an Italian tradition ever since, especially sought out as souvenir when travelling, which began during the Grand Tour period in the 18th and 19th centuries, and continues as a tradition today.

Production of micro mosaic is a complicated process where melting glass is pulled into thin threads and cut in to tiny pieces after cooling. Those pieces are called tesserae and they are then arranged in a design on to a metal backing - some times a gold tone metal, or copper and in some of the more expensive pieces gold. The whole process takes skill, care, patience and very good eye sight.

This lovely brooch is in the shape of a lute with the words VENEZIA - so a souvenir from Venice, Italy. This is not a modern piece....likely to be from the 1940's-1950's period. It measures 4cms x 2cms., with a firm roll in catch on a gold tone back.  A little wear to the back commensurate with age, but nothing that detracts from its true vintage. Gift boxed by Vintageonline.

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