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Juliana Jewelry

Vintage Online Are Proud Suppliers of Authentic Juliana Jewellery From Around The Globe

The DeLizza & Elster Manufacturing Company began operating in 1947 in New York.  William DeLizza and Harold Elster started the company and they went on to produce countless varieties of costume jewellery including sets, bracelets, brooches, tiaras, earrings, chatelaines, belts, buckles and buttons. They also manufactured and sold to a variety of other costume jewellery houses and department stores, in fact most of the major costume jewellery designers of the day had their pieces produced at the D & E factory. At times customers requested that the jewellery be signed and after providing the logo a signature was soldered into place or cast from a mould. Paper hang tags were also often provided. The jewellery was not marked until 1967 when the company decided to give it a name and identify it with a black and gold Juliana hang tag. Juliana jewellery is renowned for a very high standard of manufacture. There is for example with the brooches various construction techniques implemented to attain the support required to build up the multiple layers and levels within each piece. Identifying a piece as Juliana is challenging as there were other manufacturers producing similar designs during the heyday of quality costume jewellery – it is a matter of detective work – looking at construction, quality and shapes of stones and comparing with research readily available.