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Vintage Online Are Proud Suppliers of Authentic Monet Jewellery From Around The Globe

Originally called Monocraft, the Company was started by Michael & Jay Chernow in Providence, Rhode Island in 1929. The name was then changed to MONET in 1937. The Company has  been in operation for over 70 years and is still producing today. It was during the vintage period of the 1930s and 1940s that Monet produced some of the most beautiful and collectable pieces. Monet's original designs were on the edge of the art deco with a unique twist of their own. The MONET trademark is found on all of their pieces after 1955.  During the 1980s Monet produced a wide range of jewellery for Yves St. Laurent and in 2000, Liz Clairborne bought the Monet jewellery line, continuing to produce it today. The current lines can be found in major department stores, however, it is the beautiful vintage pieces that are the most collectable.