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Retro & Post War

Vintage Online Are Proud Suppliers of Authentic Retro & Post War Era Jewellery From Around The Globe

It was during the 1920’s that Coco Chanel had introduced her jewellery range and been daring enough to produce a wonderful high quality range of costume jewellery i.e. jewellery made not from precious metals and stones, but non precious metals and imitation pearls and crystals – by the 1940’s costume jewellery had become widely accepted with many wonderful designers now busy adding to the wonderful ranges available. Through the advent of film women could see the American and British film stars wearing magnificent costume jewellery and so it fitted well within the austerity of the post second world war years. Bakelite had also been introduced in the 1920’s and by the 1940’s there were a number of high quality plastics available. From the industrial designs of every day items, it was discovered that moulded, coloured and polished bakelite and plastics could be turned into magnificent jewellery.  Bakelite and plastic jewellery from the 1930’s- 40’s is highly sought after today.