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Cameo Vintage Brooch

$35.00 AUD
A large oval  cameo  from the 1960's. Cameos have been around since Egyptian times when they were carved from shell. Over the years and particularly during the Renaissence period cameo popularity has been sustained.  During the 1960's there was quite a resurgence of interest and cameos were quite prolific but were now often being produced using one of the early plastics that were prevalent at the time. So typical of costume jewellery, the urge to get the look without the price tag. This large cameo is likely to be one of those early plastics meant to emulate the look of shell. It was thought to be a quality piece enough to attach a small safety pin catch as extra security. Overall dimension is 4.7cms x 4cms. The carved figure head is of a Roman lady. Set into a frame of gold tone metal, with a secure roll in safety clasp to the back.

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