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WW11 Vintage Buddy Sweetheart Pin Brooch

$160.00 AUD

These iconic fabulous sweetheart pins were produced in America during the second world war for sailors and soldiers to give to their sweethearts. How cute is this little navy military Buddy still in fabulous condition after more than 70 years ! They were worn by the women as a token of affection for their sweethearts away fighting the war. At that time they were produced and attached to a little descriptive card. Our navy buddy is made from celluloid and his legs and arms are articulated.  His connection loops are in perfect condition. They were typically produced with one eye showing under their jaunty hat.

This buddy has a well working c clasp closure to the back. Overall dimension is 7cms length and 3cms across at widest point with arms by his side. There is a tiny scratch to one cheek but apart from that he is perfect, and gift boxed by Vintageonline - ready for a new sweetheart. Difficult to find and so collectable.

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