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WW1 British Soldier Sweetheart Locket-Vintageonline-Vintage Online


WW1 British Soldier Sweetheart Locket

$95.00 AUD

Queen Victoria was known for her love of sentimental jewellery and it started a trend in jewellery styles after the death of her husband. With the arrival of World War 1 sentimental jewellery became very popular with the masses and was worn by both family and friends left at home, as well as soldiers who travelled far away. This is a poignant locket with the photograph of a World War 1 soldier on one side and presumably his wife or girlfriend on the other.  There is no known story to this, just a piece of sentimental jewellery that can be cherished, either by leaving the current photographs there, or putting in your own.   The rolled gold locket measures 2.5cms across and the chain has 50cm length finished with a ring clasp. The chain is not likely to be original to the locket but marries well. The locket is now well over a hundred years old but is in very good pre loved condition., as is the chain.   Gift boxed by Vintageonline.

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