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Marena Germany Vintage Pendant Brooch

$90.00 AUD
The Marena brooches hand made in Germany are highly sought after for their beautiful art nouveau design. "Marena" is named for Marena Handarbeit who started the company. Each piece is hand made using 18K gold plate. This lovely brooch would have been produced during the 1980's period with a look back to the wonderful art nouveau era from where she took her inspiration. Genuine materials and semi precious stones are used in their production, and this one along with the aurora borealis stones, filigreed metal and pearl drop has a lovely mother of pearl fan disc from which the iconic chains drop. The overall dimension is 6.5cms from top to end of the chains and 5cms across at the widest point. It is in very good condition Marena signature "Hand Made in Germany" to the back with a firm roll over safety clasp. There are two pendant hoops so that the brooch can also be worn on a chain or ribbon.  Just beautiful, and gift boxed by Vintageonline.

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