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Egyptian Revival Pendant Necklace  Vintageonline


Egyptian Revival Pendant Necklace

$125.00 AUD

Brought back from the UK this lovely Egyptian Revival style pendant was actually a contemporary piece produced from an original 1920's mould.It is a base metal washed with a rose gold coloured finish. There is a large blue sapphire coloured stone from which hangs an Egyptian head backed by wings...there are small red crystals surrounding the wings and small green crystal stones in the band surrounding the head. From that hangs a smaller red crystal bead and a baroque pearl. Total length from the blue crystal to the end of the pearl is 8.5cms with width across the Egyptian section of 5.5cms. The length of the chain end to end is 46cms to fit most necks.  There is a ring clasp. It is in perfect new condition, and gift boxed by Vintageonline.

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