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Vintage Online Jewellery | French Cicada Brooch Pin

Vintage Online

French Cicada Brooch Pin

$80.00 AUD

Cicadas have been looked upon as a symbol of immortality and protection against bad luck for thousands of years. Their image is to be seen in antique and vintage jewellery over and over again. The natural cicada or "tree cricket" has been looked upon as nature's natural weather forecaster. So when they all sing in unison, a farmer will know there is to be a change in the weather, and perhaps way back that was the reason they were looked upon as protection against bad luck.  In China often a family will place a jade cicada with the dead person so that they will have a good rebirth.

This Cicada is a contemporary piece and substantial in size at 8cms x 3cms. It is made from a high grade modern resin with a dark bone like appearance. A product of France.  In excellent condition, and gift boxed by Vintage Online for giving.

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