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Carved Celluloid 1940's French Brooch

$60.00 AUD
This is a delightful and collectable old brooch from the 1940's period when these particular brooches were often tourist pieces. Celluloid was originally patented in 1869 but not perfected until some time after. The original product was found to be quite flammable. By the early 20th century the method had been perfected and was a very popular material in the manufacture of costume jewellery. Often the carved celluloid brooches were round or oval in shape...not so many in the rectangular shape shown. It is three dimensional with a church carved in the background, then the two sides to the bridge. There is a lovely frame around carved with gold tone metal edging. These brooches were meant to emulate ivory. The pin to the back is a simple and firm roll in. Overall dimension is 5.5cms x 4.5cms. It is in very good condition considering its age, and gift boxed by Vintageonline.

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