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Butterfly Wing Cardigan Sweater Clip

$48.00 AUD

Butterfly Wing jewellery was popular between the 1920's until well in to the 1950's when the Morpho butterfly was used to fill in the background before tiny hand paintings were put on to the underside of glass or perspex frames. The butterflies have a life span of only 130 days so a number of butterfly farms were set up so that they could be collected.  Many different scenes are to be found and the tropical scene painted on to this lovely cardigan clip is very typical of the era. The butterfly wing background gives a lovely blue luminous effect.

The rhodium plated chain measures 11cms across. The round butterfly painting is set in to a square frame measuring 2cms x 2cms. The clips are firm. All in excellent condition with just a little tarnish to the back of one clip which is not visable at all when worn.  Gift boxed by Vintageonline.

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