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Antique Bog Oak Brooch Wheatsheaf Motif

$90.00 AUD

Like jet bog oak is wood usually fir, pine or yew that has been fossilized in peat marshes or bogs so that it turns hard and black or very dark brown in colour. It is also lightweight and warm to the touch. Bog oak jewellery was very popular particularly in Ireland during the 1800's.

This lovely example has a carved wheatsheaf motif. A sheaf is a tied bunch of grain stalks after they have been harvested by hand with scythes.  A bygone era.

The wheatsheaf symbol has also had a strong association with the theme of resurrection, so synonymous with positivity and the cycle of life.It was also a very popular symbol in Victorian mourning jewellery.

This is quite a large brooch at 5cms x 6cms. At well over 100 years old it is in good condition particularly from the front with some obvious wear at the back.

Gift boxed by Vintageonline.

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