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The Trifari began in the mid 1880’s in a small Naples workshop run by Luigi Trifari

In 1904 his grandson Gustavo Trifari emigrated to America taking the jewellery making skills with him. Before long he had begun his own New York business with his brother under the name Trifari and Trifari. The partnership lasted two years before Gustavo went out on his own and reverted to calling the company just “Trifari”.

In 1928 Gustavo went into partnership with Leo Kraussman. The company went from strength to strength making costume jewellery in the “real” style. A lot of the success came from the expertise of their head designer Alfred Phillipe who worked for the company from 1930 until 1968.

During the costume jewellery heydays “Trifari” jewellery was a household name and much advertising was carried out through womens magazines and shop fronts. Many extremely talented designers were employed by the company during its heyday. It was wholesaled through all of the mainstream jewellery stores, and had a long and successful company life.   In 1975 the company was sold.

Recent years have seen a continuation of Trifari jewellery being produced by the quality does not appear to be of the standard of the vintage pieces.