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Samantha Wills

Samantha Wills - Vintage Online

SAMANTHA WILLS, Creative Director

At only 21 years of age, Samantha Wills founded her own self titled accessories (jewellery) company. An instant hit with media and customers alike, Wills quickly gained a high profile in the media spotlight as one of Australia’s most dynamic designers.

Having her jewellery featured in Sex and The City, thrust Wills onto the International stage, and she was shortly after declared a 'Break Out Star' by the New York Times.

Wills’ online voice is natural & down to earth, whilst her imagery and jetsetting lifestyle are glamorous. This unique mix of aspiration and approachability in her down to earth voice has become bankable property, with brands such as American Express, SK- II & Mount Franklin engaging Samantha to work on projects with complete creative freedom. Most recently, iconic Australian sparkling wine brandYellowglen appointed Wills as Creative Director, where she will be responsible for infusing her signature style across the brand’s portfolio.

Known for her Luxe Bohemian aesthetic, Wills infuses her personal style through her namesake brand where she acts as both Creative Director & head designer. Wills actively sits across the brand’s marketing & communications, something she notes as important to create her vision as omni - from product design to social media messaging.

Wills is outspoken on the statement that there is 'no need for what we do, that it's a luxury to be able to be able to work in this industry (fashion) that is a 'for want' industry'. As such, Wills is invested in giving back across multiple platforms, prominently philanthropy, where she is the spokesperson for Mount Franklin for McGrath Foundation and is also active in the mentoring of young women, in both business and lifestyle.

A regular keynote speaker at conferences gloablly that focus on women in business, Wills also often shares her inspiring story with young women, with the message; 'Young girls with dreams, become women with vision.' By doing so, she hopes to encourage young women that no matter what your background, chase your dreams with aggression, persistence and hard work.

Tipped to become 'Australia's biggest export since Vegemite' by fashion writer Inez Mendoza, Samantha is one of Australia's most successful and inspiring names.

“Living between her two homes in New York City & Sydney, Samantha’s signature style and inspiring story has a cult following world wide.”