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Miriam Haskell

Miriam Haskell

Miriam was an American designer of costume jewellery. She founded her own company and with her creative partner Frank Hess invented affordable pieces of stunning original jewellery from 1920 through to the late 1950’s. Vintage examples of Miriam Haskell’s designs are now much sought after and held in both private collections and museums internationally.

Miriam was born in Tell City, a small town across the Ohio River from Louisville Kentucky. She opened a jewellery boutique in 1926 in the old McAlpin Hotel, and a second outlet within the year at West 57th Street.

The company went on to open stores at Saks Fifth Avenue and Burdine’s as well as Miami and London. The Saks shop also offered pieces by Chanel.

Miriam Haskell jewellery was worn for publicity shots, films, and personal use by movie stars Joan Crawford and Lucille Ball, as well as Gloria Vanderbilt and the Duchess of Windsor. Joan Crawford owned a set of almost every Haskell piece ever produced from the 1920’s through to the 1960’s.

Noted for the superior quality of their materials and the exquisitely painstaking detail of their execution, Miriam Haskell’s vintage pieces command high prices and are prized by collectors.

Due to ill health the company was taken over by Miriam’s brothers during the 1950’s.