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Vintage Online | Coro Jewelry
Emanuel Cohn and Gerard Rosenberg opened a small shop in New York selling jewellery and personal accessories, later becoming known as “Coro”. The name Coro incorporates the first two letters of each partners name. A factory was established in Providence in 1911, although Emanuel Cohn had died in 1910. By the mid 1920s the Coro company was the largest manufacturer of costume jewellery and had a work force of over 2,000. The company produced a broad range of designs and an immense volume of jewellery at all price levels.

Some of the rhinestone studded Coro jewellery can compare with the very best produced by other costume jewellery companies. The well designed pieces of the 1930s-1950s are very highly collectable.  Coro is a name synonymous with well designed, good quality costume jewellery still very affordably priced, and is possibly one of the most under-rated designer names.

Coro jewellery has had a number of different markings – “Corocraft”  “Francois”  “Vendome” “Pegasus” and “Coro Originals" to name a few.