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Marcel Boucher was born in France and trained as an apprentice to Cartier. He emigrated to the Unities States in the early 1920’s and during the early 1930’s he designed jewellery for the Mazer Brothers in New York. In 1937 he established the Marcel Boucher and Cie Company in New York and ran the company until his death in 1965, when his wife, Sandra Boucher, who was also a jewellery designer, took over.
Boucher produced the most exquisite costume jewellery, unsurpassed, until it became a subsidiary of Dovorn Industries, a watch manufacturing company, in 1972. Boucher’s costume jewellery can often be mistaken for the “real thing”. His gemstones resemble real stones and most of his designs reflect the classical traditions with a high level of creativity.  His jewellery is high end and becoming extremely collectable.